Uranus is the third largest planet in our solar system (diameter 51,118 km). As the seventh planet from the Sun (mean distance from Sun 2,870,972,200 km) , Uranus takes 84 years to complete an orbit. It is a "gas giant" with no solid surface. It may have a small, silicate-rich core, but most of its gas consists of hydrogen, helium and methane. Uranus does not have many surface features, it has an "uninterrupted" pale blue surface (the methane gas above the cloud layers gives it a blue-green color).

With many difficult, I succeed to image it. This little blue disk I capture on 10. July 2002.. At this moment, distance of Uranus was 2 874 million km with apparent diameter of 3,65 arc second and magnitude 5,7.



Image is obtained through a C8 at f/50 - using Barlow lens TeleVue Powermate 5x - on Pixcel 237 CCD. Each component (RGB) of this color image are consist of 20-25 images exposed 0,5 second.