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With at least 67 moons and several rings circling it, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. This giant planet is surrounded by an enormous magnetic field called the magnetosphere, which has a million times the volume of Earth's magnetosphere. Its immense, complex atmosphere includes the Great Red Spot, a 300-year-old storm that is almost the size of three Earths. Diameter of Jupiter is 142,984 km .

Four largest satellite are Ganymede, Callisto, Io, Europa. Two of next largest are Amalthea and Himalia. Twenty-two others had been discovered before 2001.

Jupiter on September  09. 2020. - Celestron EdgEHD 9,25 at f20 on CCD ZWO ASI120 MC. 900 frames stacked in Registax. Closest moon to Jupiteru is Io. See  animation of Io occultation.

jupiter time lapse209092020 ocultation i

Jupiter on February 25. 2014. - Celestron EdgEHD 9,25 at f10 on CCD ZWO ASI120 MC. 400 frames stacked in Registax. Closest moon to Jupiteru is Europa the Io and Ganimed.

Jupiter on April 21. 2004. Two satellite are visible: on left is Io, right Callisto - Celestron 9,25 at f20 on Phillips webcam Pro3D. 500 frames are processed in Registax.

Close-up: Celestron 9,25 at f31 (Focal reducer f6,3 + TeleVue Barlow Powermate 5x). 400 frames processed in Registax

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