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Comet Hale-Bopp 1995 O1

Hale-Bopp is comet discovered on 23.July 1995 and will be remember as one of the most spectacular comets of the 20th century. Here are collection some of my better images of Hale - Bopp.

Comet Hale-Bopp over a Church of St. Antun. 27. March 1997.

Photo Knezic/Cajko/Glivar

April 08. 1997 - Images are taken from back yard of my friend and astro-amateur Mirko Knezic.

Hale -Bopp through Tele 200mm/3,5, 5 min.exp. at 19:50 UTC.
Left from HB is Algol and right is Open cluster M34.


Image with 58mm/f:2 lens, 3 min. exp. All images are taken on Fujicolor SGP+ 800


March 08. 1997 - Image is taken with 58mm/f:2 lens. At the end of the tail of HB is Open cluster M39, and also is visible NGC 7000


March 11. 1997 - Image is obtained through Tele 200mm/f:3,5 at 3:26 UTC on Fujicolor super HG 1600, 6 min.exp.


March 12. 1997 - Image of Hale-Bopp at 3:15 UTC on Fujicolor super G+ 800. 10 minutes of exposure with tele 200mm/f:3,5


March 13. 1997 - Image of Hale-Bopp in the morning over roof in my back yard.


Image through Tele 200mm/f:3,5 at 3:13 UTC on Fujicolor super G+ 800, 10 min.exp. See beautiful color of tail !


March 27. 1997 - Hale-Bopp party. 

From left: Cajko Igor, Mirko Knezic, Andelko Glivar, and Kreso Lisak family.


February 15. 1997 - Close-up on comet nucleus. Image is obtained through Celestron 8 on Fujicolor Super G + 800. Exposure was 5 min. start at 04:27 UTC.


November 03.1996 17:46 UTC. Fujicolor super G+ 800 and 13 min. exp with Celestron 8. See how is tail of comet now separated on 3 part!


 July 21. 1996 21:40 UTC with C8 on Fujicolor super G+ 800 and 15 min. exposure.

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